Adjustable Dog Car Seat Belt Extra Safe Black Nylon Owleys

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“Ensure your furry friend’s safety on the road with the Owleys Adjustable Dog Car Seat Belt. Made from extra-safe black nylon, this seat belt is designed to secure your pet during car rides, preventing unnecessary movement. The adjustable feature allows for a customized fit, providing both safety and comfort for your canine companion. Elevate your travel experience with your four-legged friend – shop now for the Owleys Adjustable Dog Car Seat Belt and prioritize safety for every journey.”

Product Details
Get your perfect fit
With a handy length adjuster, you can easily customize the length of this dog car safety belt to find the perfect fit that’s comfortable for your pet.
Dog Seat Belt Size
Dog Seat Belt Description 1
Metal hardware
Hook for attaching to a harness, clip for attaching to a car seat buckle, and length adjuster are made of sturdy anti-rust metal, for a durable pet travel protection.
Dog Seat Belt Description 2
Versatile design
Our belt is adjustable for a universal fit – its length adjusts from 15 to 30 inch. Plus, the hook is 360° rotatable so as not to restrict your pet’s movements!
Dog Seat Belt Description 3
Maximum safety
Designed with a highly elastic shock-absorbing bungee, this seat belt keeps your pet safe in case of a sudden brake or fall, preventing risks of suffocation.
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As a long-time dog owner, I will always stand by the fact that people should always seatbelt their fur babies when traveling. It is not only for our peace of mind when they are sticking their head out the window, but if you were to get into a car crash they would be okay and not fly out the window. After going through multiple seat belts to find the best one, this is definitely it! I would 100% recommend it.


I love that this is: 1) adjustable and 2) able to clip into seat belt receptacles as well as cargo clips or car seat anchor bars in the car. I love it!


Latched easily into the car seat latch. I just have a large dog so it did not prevent him from being able to reach console between front seats and attempt to nudge my head during the car ride.


Has worked great for my dogs. This was the best design I saw with both a bungee and an alternative to the seatbelt buckle. My dog always stepped on the seatbelt buckle and unbuckled herself. I attach the clip part to the child seat locks behind my car’s headrests and my dog cannot unbuckle herself anymore. The bungee feels very strong and hopefully will absorb a lot of impact if it ever needs to. The harness clip swivels, which keeps this attachment from getting ridiculously twisted and I love how easy it is to adjust the length.


This worked wonderful when I wanted to take our puppy for a ride with me. She stayed put in the front seat, didn’t try to climb in my lap, and it kept her secure while still giving her enough room to roam around the seat.


This keeps Maggie in the backseat, but gives her plenty of room to move around comfortably. She can still peek into the front seat safely. Love the security and flexibility Maggie has when we are out for a ride. Locks into the seatbelt nicely.


The dog is able to easily stand up, turn around and sit. When hooked to her harness, it causes her no discomfort, and she is secured so that she doesn’t go flying from any sudden stops or movements.

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